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Our Products

SUPPORTED by 14 plants and 1 mobile concrete plant, WIKA Beton manufactures various types of precast concrete products (e.g., PC Poles, PC Piles, Railway Concrete Products, Bridge Concrete Products, Marine Concrete Products, Building Concrete Products, Hydro Structure Concrete Products, Retaining Wall and Others).


The Prestressed Spun Concrete Pole (PC Pole) produced using the centrifugal method constitutes the last generation of the electrical pole development in Indonesia. From wooden pole, steel pole and square concrete pole, prestressed spun concrete pole were subsequently introduced. This type of concrete pole is produced in various types for low-voltage, medium-voltage and high voltage electrical distribution networks. To facilitate handling in remote areas, Wika Poles are also produced in segments.


Wika PC Spun Pile is produced by the process of spinning. The high level of concrete compactness as a result of centrifugal force causes Wika PC Spun Pile to have high durability and permeability to with stand certain environment condition.
PC Spun Pile is designed to bear various types of structures. It is used among others on high-rise buildings, industrial buildings, marine structures, bridges, etc.

PC Spun Square Piles is a hollow square pile which is produced by the process of spinning. The pile can be used for deep foundation of structures, such as high-rise buildings, industrial buildings, bridge, marine structures, etc. It has many advantages compared with normal square piles.

The bearing capacity is relatively equal to the normal square pile although it requires less usage of material. It is lighter so that it can reduce transportation cost.

The latest product innovation is the post tension segmental spun pile product. The pile consists of several segments that are assembled into one pile with post tension technology. The advantages of using post tension spun pile is to meet the needs of the pole with a large diameter (up to 2 m) and length adjust to the needs without using connection. Usually used as foundation on the dock structure.


Railway sleeper produced by Wika Beton is monoblock pretensioned concrete sleeper using the single line production system. The production method developed by Wika Beton is flexible and suitable for the conditions in Indonesia.

The other products related to railway are catenary prestres, slab for railway bridge, ballast protection wall, railway crossing, etc.


These products are used as the components of fly over or bridge structures. Initially the beams were produced only in ”I” shape. Presently, we produce box girders, U-girders, etc. and also produce voided slab, concrete diaphragm, half slab as complement of the structures.

Based on the process of stressing, girder are produce in two methods pretension and post tension, subject to the conditions and requirements. The pretensioned girders is a monolithic girder which is economical as it does not require additional prestressing accessories and prestressing process at the construction site.

Post-tensioned girder is produced in segments and normally assembled and post tensioned at site. The segmental girder is required when the weight and size of girder does not enable it to be lifted and transported.


Prestressed Concrete Sheet Pile was initially produced in flat shape. PC Corrugated Sheet Pile is subsequently produced to get a better performance for certain conditions.

PC sheet pile is normally used as permanent structures of retaining walls like quay walls, revetments, jetties, break waters, reclamation walls, training dykes, foot protection, dolphins, dock walls, cut off walls, river embankments, water control gates, etc.

The preference of using concrete sheet pile is for the convenience and the low cost in its construction/installation work.


The main product of this structures is concrete pipe, which consists of low pressure pipes and pressure pipes. The low pressure pipe is used as sewerage, water distribution, etc.

The pressure pipe is produced using vibro pressed centrifugal system to get high density concrete with low permeability and low shrinkage. It is used as raw water transmission pipes as part of water treatment plant which requires very high resistance to the water pressure.


The application of precast concrete products in marine structures has an additional advantages. Not only do we have faster and more economical construction work, it also make the job easier. The construction work will be more complicated if there is still cast in site concrete work.

Concrete Piles, Sheet Piles, Girders, Slabs, etc. are required for structures like wharf/jetty, bridge, break water, etc.


Wika Beton also produce other type of standard products as well as custom-made products as required by our customer. Some of the products are :

  • Pipe Rack for oil company.
  • Water Storage and Water Cooling Tower for power plant.
  • Building and Housing Components.
  • Fences.
  • Underground Utility Ducting, etc.